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About Us

Expansion Computers is a small computer company based in the heart of the Willamette Valley in Oregon. It was started by Jared Anderson as a way to help people and businesses use computer technology to greatly increase their ability to produce the products they want and to be more prosperous. Basically, he hated seeing people waste their time with mundane tasks and paperwork or otherwise unnecessary things when they could be doing something more valuable.

Since the internet went mainstream technologies have advanced quite rapidly, but the general population hasn’t necessarily been able to keep up and realize all of the benefits that computers have to offer. Sure, people use Word instead of a typewriter and e-mail instead of pen and paper, but there’s plenty of room for improvement in terms of really using the computer to do as much work as possible and freeing up the people to do what only people can do (interact with other people, create, come up with new ideas, etc.–not paperwork or other routine tasks). So to this end, Expansion Computers exists with the goal to help people and businesses fully utilize technology to drastically increase their productivity and prosperity.

We mainly focus on web sites and web applications (programs that run in a web browser instead of by themselves) because we like creating them as a fun combination of artistic and technological challenges and also because a lot of technology is becoming more “web-centric”. Also, in this day and age, convincing people they need to invest a lot of time and money into developing (or having us develop) their own computer system, which they would then have to train all of their staff to use, is a lot of work. Trust us, we’ve done it. But if we can start driving more business their way via the Internet and a new web site (i.e. being more efficient with their promotion and sales), they might be more willing to look at how the computer can help them.

We recently came out with a stat tracking software that can also help you with your business. The link to it is all over our website, but you can also visit it directly at UseMyStats.com and feel free to ask us any questions about how it can help you (and why you would even want to keep track of stats).

Now you know about us. Let us know what we can do for you.