What We Do | Expansion Computers, Inc.

What We Do

So what do we actually do?

We have three main areas of service (and hopefully some cool new products coming out soon):

  1. Web Sites–Big and small. We can help with a tune up or a complete overhaul. Whatever you need. And this is where we are supposed to flash all sorts of initials of different computer things that we know how to do, but if you’re not “computer inclined” you can just ask us if we can help you. If you want the specifics, keep going. They are down below.
  2. Custom Programming–This is where we build software that’s specifically tailored to your needs. Usually this means a web-based program these days, but we can do other types of software also. Here’s that list of initials we promised you: ASP.Net, C#, PHP, classic ASP, SQL, Javascript (including JQuery), CSS,VBA (in case you need to do something fancy with Excel).
  3. Computer Consulting–but wait! that’s the generic term that people use when trying to be vague. Well, here’s what we mean when we say “consulting”. We mean that we come in (or do it remotely if we need to), look at what you’re doing, why you are doing it, where you are going and what kind of resources you have available. We then come up with a plan to help you start using computers more efficiently and productively. Or we tell you that what you’re doing is totally fine for now and that it makes more sense to just hire another intern to run errands. You probably don’t know what we’re going to come up with or you wouldn’t need us to help you! But sum it up to say we try to get you on a path that’s right for you (not us or anyone else) so you can expand.

So what else do you get?

You get to deal with some nice guys who will genuinely want to help you. And you should come out in better shape than you went in. We won’t take your business if we don’t think there’s something you will get out of the deal. We can make money doing anything (McDonald’s is always hiring!). We do this because we like the game of solving people’s problems and helping them get on with whatever it is that they do best. Computers won’t save the world, but they can make saving it a lot easier.

But what don’t you do?

Ah, you got us. We don’t do everything.

  • We generally don’t do computer hardware things like maintaining computers or servers or fixing a phone system. We might answer a question or make a recommendation, but that’s just not what we do.
  • We don’t do Flash design. We can help you add already-created Flash widgets and videos to your site, but we don’t create them. We can recommend someone who does if you need that.
  • Search Engine Optimization. We can do it. We used to do it. But it’s not something that we love doing, so unless you ask really nicely, we’ll probably refer you to someone else that actually enjoys playing that game. You’ll get more bang for you buck that way.

Now what?

If we haven’t totally turned you off by the flippant writing style, hop over to the contact us page and let us know what we can do to help you.

And just for the record, we do own ties and nice clothes and can look and talk the part if necessary so we won’t embarrass you.